Mariette in Ecstasy

Currently reading Mariette in Ecstasy by a new author I have just discovered, Ron Hansen. Hansen has been on the map since the 80s, with books such as The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (recently a movie with Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck). Mariette focuses on the mystical experiences of a turn of the century nun in a convent located in upstate New York. My intense interest in monastic life and experience, as well as in Christian mysticism and experience has not waned over the last few years, so this novel is good fictional grist for the mill. Hansen has also written a book A Stay Against Confusion that details his beliefs on faith and fiction, and the purposes of writing from a Catholic/religious perspective, which is also an interest of mine, stemming from Tolkien’s theory of subcreation and its worldview of the writer/artist in connection with the Divine.

I enjoy this reading with a vague sense of panic in the back of my mind about the impending school year. The feeling is due to not hitting the books and really preparing for the upcoming school year, which is just a few weeks away. The daydreams of “The First Day” have already begun, so it is about time to get cracking. Immediate pressing goals: organization of grades, redoing syllabus (first nine weeks or semester only), rules/procedures, pretest for general knowledge with writing sample, initial powerpoints lesson plans for History of English and Beowulf.

Was going to buy a new laptop today, but the Mini would not start for me! Tow truck currently on its way- how odd is it to have a tow truck come to one’s house? But I’ve done this more than once before.

Awaiting in the mail: Exiles, Ron Hansen new novel. Focuses on one of my favorite poets Gerard Manley Hopkins.


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