A Post Per Storm

…which I’m hoping this blog won’t become now that school is back in session, and the hurricane season barrels its way through the south this year.  This hope also implies a.) that I write more frequently, which thus means b.) there won’t be that many storms to worry about.

Enjoying a cuppa joe and bagel at Austins Coffee, which gets bonus points today for playing the entirety of the Decemberist’s Her Majesty Presents.

Recently joined the Into the Wardrobe forum under the name “Tumnus’s Books,” which references the books lining the shelves of Mr. Tumnus’s home in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, among them a book entitled Is Man a Myth? I am rarely creative these days when it comes to usernames, so I pat myself on the back for that one.  Good boy.

C.S.Lewis is an author that has dominated my attention over the last few months, for reasons spiritual, mental, and imaginative.  As an English teacher, his relevance, especially when teaching medieval and renaissance literature, is unsurpassed, regardless of the conflicting literary theories of the day.  Time after time he directly confronts the question “What is a story?” and gives to that question the respect and depth it deserves as it relates to the individual.  His pontifications on this question, I find, have great foundations for questions I pose to my high school students, some of whom haven’t read more than two books in their entire lives.

Going through Picaresque in my own iTunes library right now…


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