Silent Raves and Hell

…not that these two things go together, per se, but just a combination of two interesting concepts I’ve read about over the past few days.  NPR did a story on the concept of silent raves, in which people organize, usually via Facebook, to a public area, each person armed with their personal Ipod.  At the end of a small countdown, the ravers all turn on their Ipods and…dance.  Here’s the weird thing, of course: any one observing sees people dancing like maniacs, but there is no music to be heard.  Here’s an example I pulled off of Youtube:

And then there’s Hell, or rather the Inferno, of which I need to organize a lesson plan to present to my students.  They will not be covering the whole thing, rather just a few cantos (3 and 38) to give them a taste of the medieval mindset, with much help coming from C.S. Lewis’s essays from Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature and Carolly Erickson’s The Medieval Vision. Then onto Chaucer.  Or Malory.  Gotta take Saturday to figure that one out.


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