More signs of hope

As a Christian, the fundamentalism of some who practice the faith deeply disturbs me.  It disrupts the spirit of embracing “The Other” that Christ so adamately demanded of those who would follow Him.  I stumbled upon this clip while perusing through Youtube, and find a rational, balanced, faith-driven assessment of the faults of fundamentalism, particulary as it relates to holy scripture:


3 thoughts on “More signs of hope

  1. Thanks for the video. As a former monk, who was an Assemblies of God minister at the same time (see my blog for further info on that wonderful time), I fully understand what he was talking about. I, too, believe in the fundamentals of Scripture, but I’m not a Fundamentalist. Too many Christians today have completely divorced their theology from the history which gave it too them. I’ve had more than one conversation with a well-meaning Christian who was astounded and angry when I told them some of their basic beliefs about the Trinity and the Deity of Christ came out of the early Catholic church. Somehow they’ve come to believe that their version of Christian doctrine came directly from the lips of Luther, or in the case of Pentecostals, is as recent as the turn of the century. How sad so many Christians are ignorant of the long and rich tradition of the family of God.

  2. Peace Wandering Tree,

    Allah! This was a very interesting broadcast. I confess to knowing very little about the Orthodox Church. The archbishop said some very powerful things. One that particularly resonated with me was the statement regarding egoism.

  3. Peace be with you Abdur and Jim,
    Thanks for stopping by again Abdur, and welcome Jim. I enjoyed reading your background as a monk, Jim, and though you may have had some troubling times, I firmly believe that monasticism- in all its shapes, forms, and creeds- offers a balanced, deeper look into the heart of all our respective faiths.

    All Saints Monastery, in BC, Canada, has a Youtube channel with dozens of videos like this. Here’s the link:

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