Seeking God: Julian, the Monk, and the Fish

In Chapter 10 of her Showings of Divine Love (LT), Julian of Norwich writes on the importance of seeking God:

“It pleases God a great deal if the soul never ceases to search; for the soul can do no more than seek, suffer, and trust…Seeking with faith, hope, and love pleases our Lord, and finding pleases the soul and fills it with joy.”  St. Julian goes on to say “It is God’s wish that we should observe three things in our seeking: the first is that our search should be committed and diligent, with no laziness, as it may be through his grace, glad and cheerful without unreasonable depression and unprofitable misery.  The second is that for his love we  await him steadfastly, without grumbling or struggling against him, until our life’s end, for life only lasts a short while.  The third is that we should trust him utterly with sure and certain faith, for that is what he wishes.

I immediately thought of a short film I viewed not too long ago that gives a great animated analogy to her idea (the hazelnut that you see in this iconic picture of Julian parallels the fish in this video)


2 thoughts on “Seeking God: Julian, the Monk, and the Fish

  1. After watching the short cartoon, I find myself thinking that the monk died after pursuing the fish, and that the fish becomes its guardian and companion as they ascend into heaven.

    Meanwhile, fish all over the world celebrate the ironic turn of events.

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