‘Tis the Season

Before too much time goes by without another post on this blog, let me wish one and all a very warm and Merry Christmas!  I changed the header on Wanderingtree to reflect the season, and I think it’s really cool that WordPress has this whole falling snow feature right up until Jan 4th.

My students had one week off for Thanksgiving break, and now are patiently eagerly awaiting Christmas break on the 19th.  In the interim, I am valiantly trying to lock Shakespeare’s Macbeth into their brains.  It’s kind of weird to cover this particular Shakespearean play during the holiday season.  Why not A Midsummer Night’s Dream (I’m in Florida, remember, every day is summer), or Twelfth Night?  Or perhaps even bypass Shakespeare entirely, jump a couple of centuries, and do something by Charles Dickens, reinforcing our traditional Victorian precepts about our Christmas celebrations?  You see, Macbeth isn’t exactly one of those cheery, good-will-to-all-peace-on-earth kind of plays.  Nope.  Nothing but blood, revenge, betrayal, black magic.  All the good stuff.  I told my students that if the play starts getting them down a bit, just picture all the characters with Santa Claus hats on their heads.  Which really turned out to be funny when we read Lady Macbeth’s “Unsex me” rant in Act I.


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Glad SOMEONE is still teaching Shakespeare to kids! Every time I hear something like teachers featuring “Twilight” in their classes, I want to scream!

  2. lol- my wife is obsessed by Twilight, as are a number of my students! But teaching it? Are you kidding? Maybe as a lesson on how bad contemporary fiction is becoming… 🙂

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