Lessons, Carols, and Lewis

I made it through the Mendelssohn!  We merged choirs this week for the Festival of Lessons and Carols:  Emmanuel Episcopal went to St. Gabriel’s in Titusville this week and next week they will join us in Orlando.  The service went beautifully- well, as beautifully as can be expected when you are unfamiliar with your surroundings or quirky acoustics.  My monster du jour was Mendelssohn’s “A Star of Jacob,” which hangs a tenor, after a few nice middle B’s, up on a high F, and then- well, just leaves him there.  The churches pooled together for a wonderful string quartet which offered some lovely orchestral undercurrents.

On the way, I enjoyed listening to Patrick Stewart’s reading of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. The need to settle back and just enjoy listening to a good story has scratched at the door of my mind over the past few weeks.  Christmas, of all the holidays, seems the best time to let that need in, as it reminds me once again of who we are as humans- storytelling creatures, a trait we inherited from our father, the Storyteller.

As a further indicator of this mindset, C.S. Lewis has once again made it onto my bedside table and in my briefcase.  This time I am rereading Surprised by Joy as well as Voyage of the Dawn Treader (this after exhausting the special features on the Prince Caspian DVD- )

Here’s a great mini-documentary from the C.S. Lewis Foundation on Lewis’s conversion and the Foundation’s work at the Kilns:


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