AC/DC Rocks!

Well, slowly but surely I seem to be recovering. Over the past couple of days I’ve had a stomach flu virus rip through me like a fireworks show, leaving me on the couch groaning and moaning. I missed singing at Emmanuel’s Lessons and Carols service on the last Sunday of Advent, but I did drag myself, believe it or not, to see AC/DC in Tampa. For what I paid for the tickets, I certainly wasn’t going to miss out on that! I know, I know- my priorities are incredibly skewed, but there you have it. It was a great show- aside from being sick- my wife got her first live taste of the band that I essentially grew up on, and I was able to wax nostalgic listening to “Back in Black” and “Whole Lotta Rosie” at about 300 decibels. Angus Young is still strutting his stuff and shredding the guitar- truly one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. “Let There Be Rock” featured a solo by Angus that went on for about 15- 20 minutes. Brian Johnson still has the roar of a lion. And I finally heard the cannons! Last time I saw AC/DC live (17 years ago), they ended with “Highway to Hell,” leaving me quite disappointed. This time, however, Angus strummed out the opening of “For Those About to Rock,” which made my night.  Here’s a little taste of it from an earlier concert in Vancouver:


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