Sinai- Reflections on G. MacDonald 6

And is not God ready to do unto them even as they fear, though with another feeling and a different end from any which they are capable of supposing?  He is against sin: insofar as, and while, they and sin are one, He is against them- against their desires, their aims, their fears, and their hopes; and thus He is altogether and always for them.  That thunder and lightning and tempest, that blackness torn with the sound of a trumpet, that visible horror billowed with the voice of words, was all but a faint image… of what God thinks and feels against vileness and selfishness, of the unrest of unassuageable repulsion with which He regards such conditions.

MacDonald references the events that occurred on Mt. Sinai, when the Jews began their travels out of Egypt.  Manna fell from Heaven, and Moses was given the Ten Commandments.  During the time that Moses was speaking to God, the Jews got impatient, and formulated the Golden Calf and bowed down to worship it.  This, understandably, made God a bit upset.  But why?  Because He wanted all the glory?  Well, yeah- but to what end?  Here we have the Divine reaching out and wanting relationship with those that He created, and what he created them for: to rise above their own egos, fears, and faults, and come into communion with Him.  Let all that hinders you from the deepest of all Loves fall away, and become your True Self.


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