“No” and “The Law Of Nature:” Reflections of G. MacDonald 7 & 8


When we say that God Love, do we teach men that their fear of Him is groundless?  No.  As much as they fear will come upon them, possibly far more… The wrath will consume what they call themselves; so that the selves God made shall appear.


For that which cannot be shaken shall remain.  That which is immortal in God shall remain in man.  The death that is in them shall be consumed.  It is the law of Nature- that is, the law of God- that all that is destructible shall be destroyed.

George MacDonald speaks of transformation, which we love to admire in Nature- the butterfly, the change of seasons- but never want to see in ourselves.  We want to hold on to everything.  God asks us to let go.  As Brooke Fraser wrote in her “C.S. Lewis Song:” “My comfort world would prefer for me to be numb/ And avoid the impending birth of who I was born to become…”


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