Jazz vs. Zombies!

Prevented myself from buying Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, not because I dislike Don Miller, but due to the impetus of needing to buy something to assuaged my consumerist mindset, which as of late, with serious work to procrastinate on and illusionary time enough to justify that procrastination, has led me by the collar and wallet to indulged in a variety of purchases, from iTunes downloads to coffee (and coffee and more coffee) and beer (and beer and more beer), café lunches that seem economical until you put them all together, and a small vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, although Miller’s name has come up a number of times as a necessary read in the realm of the “new church movement,” “postmodern theology,” or whatever you want to call it, I tried to hold myself in check and avoid plopping down $15 for the book, which will probably turn into a necessary $7.50 my wife and I will need in England next week.

Still, I couldn’t stop myself, so I justified my need to buy by making a purchase for someone else, namely my wife, in the form of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a book I’ll probably end up reading anyway.

Oh, the joy of wish-washy principles!  


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