It feels good to walk again.  No, I haven’t been injured in any way that’s had me bed-bound or unable to move.  I have been moving.  Perhaps a bit too fast, a bit too much.  And often in my car.  Going to work, errands, trips, and treks to the gas station to get more fuel to go to work, errands, trips…well, you get the picture.

Or if I am walking, it’s usually at  brisk pace to get to my classroom ahead of the students, jumping into one store, then another- always go go go.

Well, tonight I said no.

I took a nice leisurely stroll around my neighborhood as the sun went down.  Bats fluttered overhead, and insects, as if on cue, seemed to increase their chirping in volume and intensity.  It felt nice to casually put one foot in front of the other, to hear the squelch of mud underfoot, or the rhythmic tap of the cement on the sidewalk.  I noticed I was taking deeper breaths, my heart rate slowing.  My mind stopped churning, at least for a little bit.

This used to be a routine for me, and maybe it should become so again.  I used to take time in the evening to meditate and reflect on the present moment.

A wonderful Nooma video expounds on this, and God’s place all around us. It’s called Rhythm.  Enjoy:


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