Brain Spill- Look at the Pretty Colors!

I have some time over Spring Break to engage in some arguments, discussion, musings, ideas, and readings of which I have put on the back burner for most of the school year.  Here are the snippets, and some links to articles and blogs which have caught my eye.  They all seem to go together somehow…the “somehow” of which i am still figuring out:

C.S. Lewis’ ideas on education: “not cutting down jungles, but irrigating deserts.”

The role of technology in education, especially literature studies.

-fantastic discussion of which can be found in Diana Senechal’s article “The Most Daring Education Reform of All”

and Sven Birket’s “Reading in a Digital Age.”

Technology and Theology.  What better introduction can I offer than Callid Keefe-Perry’s presentation at Theology After Google?   Callid’s presentation- and some comments- can be found over at The Image of Fish.

In the midst of all this, I am trying (not much succeeding, but) to wind down my analytical mind and just enjoy a damn good story.  Contemporary literary fiction makes me want to hang myself, so here’s some cool books currently by my leather chair: FableHaven, by Brandon Mull, Sea of Monsters (part of the Percy and the Olympians books) by Rick Riordan, The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart, and Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Personally, my favorite cover is Fablehaven’s:

Interesting thought to note: ever since I put down the articles and starting incorporating some fantasy literature into my diet, my dreams became more vivid.  Hmmm…

Final thought: To properly experience the majesty of God, one must be able to feel and touch a clod of dirt in one’s hands with the same wonder in which one looks up into the vast reaches of interstellar space.


4 thoughts on “Brain Spill- Look at the Pretty Colors!

  1. This was written two days ago… (or perhaps my comment is now two days late?) how is the pile by the leather chair? Have you had a chance to unwind with a good story yet?

  2. I have! Finished Fablehaven, and now am mid-way through the first of the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, which I picked up on a whim my second time through Barnes and Nobles. But alas and alack, it’s back to lesson plans again today and tomorrow!

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