Celebrating a Monk Who Shared His Cell

I believe in reflection.  I believe in taking a step or two back to put into perspective what God has set in front of us, and whether or not we are moving towards it, or away from it, as individual Christians and as the Church.

Coming back to the Church and life in Christ after a long absence, I found myself in need of this sense of perspective, of finding, for lack of a better word, those spiritual guides, who offered true guidance and direction to those of us with many, many, many questions.

Michael Spencer, aka the Internet Monk, was one of those guides for me over the past few years.  He has recently passed away from cancer, and while I do mourn for him and his family, I celebrate the life he was able to offer and the New Life he now has in God.  If you get a chance, please visit his site and peruse the archives for many illuminating thoughts and reflections on life with and in Christ.

Pax, Michael.  You will be missed.


One thought on “Celebrating a Monk Who Shared His Cell

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