RamblePost: The Church Calendar, Divine Hours, Oxford, and Chesterton

Bit of a lag in blog posting lately, thought much is on my mind, so I will proceed here with a “ramble post,” which invites to the dinner table both connected and disconnected thoughts which have merrily jumped around my head lately.

Great post on Internet Monk by Chaplain Mike on the Church calendar as we in the faith enter into “ordinary time.”  It was this sense of liturgical time which has given an enormous sigh of relief to me in my journey with Christ.  The ecclesiastical idea that there is a “time for everything,” really resonates here.  Instead of the need for a single spiritual high from one Sunday to the next, the recognition of a steady ebb and flow to the life story of our faith, much more conducive to reflection and spiritual growth, is sought after and lived on a month to month, year to year basis.  We have our Christian Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

This is complemented by the “infinity of little hours:” the Divine Hours, which pattern our reflection and prayer for the day.  Lest one begin to think, with typical American indignation, that this hampers our “freedom” in faith, it is worth noting the number of monks, among them Thomas Merton, who relay, from practical experience, the tendency for this daily pattern to free, rather than quell, our spiritual growth.  More on that can be found here.

BTW, a great online resource for the daily office can be found at Brother Stendhal-Rast’s site here.

I tried to post a “Vlog” on Youtube, but the audio is completely out of sync, apparently a widespread problem for Youtubers.

Off to Oxford in (yikes) 22 days.  Currently reading (sporadically, even though I set myself up with a schedule) Bleak House by Charles Dickens, of which I am enjoying.  He has such a democracy of characters- we are all allowed, with our innocence, quirks, faults, and hopes to be in his novels in one form or another.  Next up, Middlemarch.  Then Return of the Native.  Why oh why did I sign up for Victorian Literature?

Reading and listening about GK Chesterton thanks to this little hidden site.  Here’s a little gem from Chesterton:

“When it comes to the World, we have to hate it enough to want to change it, but love it enough to think it worth changing.”

Here endeth the Ramblepost.


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