The Christian in Solitude

The Last Anchorite, a documentary by Remigiusz Sowa,  focuses on Father Lazarus, a Coptic monk living at St. Anthony of the Desert Monastery in Egypt.  An Australian, former university professor, atheist, and Marxist, F. Lazarus left his comfortable life in his homeland to seek God in the Desert.

I have come across more than a few commentaries on the need for community in the church, and what that entails, for good or bad.  Rarer still is the commentary on being alone with God, and riches possible in a solitary life.  Not all are called to live as monks, but for those who are, we as the body of Christ should be more than willing to hear of their experiences and insight.  We use the term “monk” or “nun,” to describe these men and women, but above all they are Christian, and followers, to the fullest extent, of the Way.


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