I realize that the last I posted on my experience at Oxford was near two weeks ago, but the thing about experiences such as this is that they keep happening, so actually settling down to write about it while its happening is like petting a kitten while mowing the lawn.  It’s either one or the other, or someone loses their head.

For that last simile I claim myself under the influence of Terry Pratchett, of whom I have been reading in my spare time.  At Blackwell’s, I picked up The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld, a collection of pithy comments and funny lines from the 35+ book series.

So, in lieu of Oxford, here is a Pratchettism for you from his Discworld novel Interesting Times, especially fun if you are a teacher…

“You sound like an educated man for a barbarian,” said Rincewind.

“I didn’t start out a barbarian.  I used to be a school teacher.  but I decided to give it up and make a living by the sword.”

“After being a teacher all your life?”

“It did mean a change of perspective, yes.”

“But…well…surely…the privation, the terrible hazards, the daily risk of death…”

Mr. Saveloy brightened up.  “Oh, you’ve been a teacher, have you?”


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