A Bit of Winter Cleaning: A New Forest for the ‘Tree

Welcome to a semi-spruced up Wandering Tree!

I’ve spent the last couple of days reassessing the blog and making some changes.  This entailed a strengthening of the theme of the blog and its focus, which led to a reassessment of the links I use and how they are organized.

As for the focus of this blog, you’ll find that I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore: this is a blog pretty much dedicated to the Inklings, especially C.S. Lewis.  I’ve not found a writer who has opened up more avenues of thinking and imagination than this titan of literature, and who has led me to other writers in the same vein.   This blog will be a place to contemplate and hash out Lewis’ and the Inklings writings, and reflect on what they mean today.  Over a nice pint of bitter, of course.  Further up and further in!

As for the theme, the Wandering Tree will still remain.  Both Lewis and Tolkien incorporated trees and woods in their writing: Fangorn especially comes to mind.  But more than that, the image of a forest or woods has always evoked stories of infinite creativity and imagination, from Grimm’s Fairy Tales to The Wood Between the Worlds from The Magician’s Nephew.  Whenever the intrepid explorer went into the woods, he or she usually encountered something magical.  And I want to add that element to this blog, rather than just random bits of reflection or theological musings.  Not that those elements will go away, but I am definitely striving for a balance between the two.

Therefore, there are a series of “woods” you may explore here at Wandering Tree via the links.  Take a walk into the woods inspired by the Inklings, and you’ll soon find yourself having a pint at The Rabbit Room or with The Kindlings, or studying the world of myth and language with the Mythopoeic Society.  Walk into the woods with C.S. Lewis, and find yourself going Into the Wardrobe or listening to The Lion’s Call, or orbiting Planet Narnia.  Wander into the woods of Literature and Story, and stumble across Redwall Abbey in Mossflower or sit around the fire listening to the Burnside Writers Collective.

You’ll also find links to the various monasteries I have visited, as Benedictine spiritually and monasticism continue to feed my mind and soul.

So, continued happy wandering to both of us!  Hope you stop by again soon!

Greg Pyne, The Wandering Tree




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