“To the Professor!”

‘Tis the 119th Birthday of JRR Tolkien, that master of storytelling who brought us The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings The Tolkien Society advocates taking part in the Birthday Toast, explained here.

I myself will certainly raise a glass, or two,  to the good Professor.  Happy Birthday Tolkien!


3 thoughts on ““To the Professor!”

  1. He’s sure made my life much happier. I just stopped by because I saw you commented on the Rabbit Room. I’m in a collective blog group called “The Ink Society” and we’ve taken our inspiration from the Inklings. We don’t directly write about them, but we like the idea of getting together and sharing thoughts. I’m proud of you for keeping the dream alive! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Tolkien. I’ll be stopping by again, I’m sure.


  2. A pleasure to meet your acquaintance! “The Ink Society” is a wonderful tribute, and the layout of your site is fantastic, like an austere wooden chair in which to sit and contemplate. I look forward to reading the essays. Thanks for stopping by! If you don’t mind, I am adding your group to my links, under “Into the Woods Inspired by the Inklings”

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