A Quiet Winter Hears Spring

My, what a quiet winter it has been at the Wanderingtree!  Posts have not been forthcoming due to attention to teaching duties.  I often find the school year at times to be a creature in constant need of nurturing, or a building in constant need of balance, or a symphony in constant need of tuning and conducting.  And the baton has been waving furiously over the past month, creating some beautiful music of literary interpretation and discovery.  From explorations of Othello and Macbeth to ideas flying fast and furious for comparative analysis papers (seriously: one student is comparing Sully from Monsters, Inc. to Othello, arguing how their true strengths and weaknesses are discovered only through their relationships with innocent females.  Othello a bit more tragically than Sully, of course), I have been reveling in the insightful discussions in my classes across the board.

Two sad events, however, have marred this otherwise festive season:  our cat Desi passed away the other day after a long illness, and I learned that one of my favorite authors, Brian Jacques, passed away this past February 5th.  The author of Redwall will be missed.   The wonderful folks over at the Rabbit Room were kind enough to post a tribute I wrote about Jacques, which you can find here.

Winter is the season of death, and the crisp air and general stillness allows us to reflect on this.  But the woods of Mossflower grow green again, gradually lifting our bowed heads to witness the arrival of new life.  And Florida certainly has a jumpstart on this.  Not so conducive to those like me who long for a cup of hot coffee on a cold day, but welcomed all the same.

And speaking of new life, my journey to Dads-ville starts in late April.  Two short months away…


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