On Owen Barfield- Insightful Sources

I briefly need to share some illuminating videos I have come across on Owen Barfield, a member of the Inklings, though not as celebrated or recognized, perhaps, as JRR Tolkien or CS Lewis.  This is unfortunate in a way, Lewis once said of Barfield he was a friend “who challenge[s] and prod[s] one to a new understanding,” and who “could not speak on any subject without illuminating it.”   G.B. Tennyson, a longtime friend of Barfield, and Malcolm Guite, poet, priest and teacher at the University of Cambridge, offer insightful commentary into Barfield’s work, which include treatises on Poetry, the Imagination, Meaning, and Language.


3 thoughts on “On Owen Barfield- Insightful Sources

  1. I love the Guite lectures and wish they were more widely known. Barfield figures into quite a few of my posts at greyhavensgroup.com. I hope that you will write about him more.

  2. I must admit that Barfield and I are still in the introductory stage, but the more I read, the more I marvel at his insights…thank you for reading!

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