Poem: Incarnation from the Weight of Water…


Incarnation from the Weight of Water: A Pebble’s Response to Arnold’s ‘Dover Beach’


The ocean loves like a terrible father

The rushing roars and pounding above bringing us up to the darkling plain;

A slap turned to foam, the hiss of retreat.

A stripped froth sheet curls back to reveal


We as stones and pebbles left behind,

Jagged and curled over, tossed up from the depths:

Sediment tapping sediment

A cold breeze and the click and scrape

Of alienated beings jostling back toward the sea

Anxious for the pressure and weight of the known and familiar.


Morning comes.  Overhead, we hear the sea gulls call, the wind carrying

Their cries to less dangerous places,

Keeping afloat plaintive questions left unanswered or answered

Until silence falls from azure sky.


We in peace are left to open,

the salt spray a ghostly white shimmering

Weaves wings onto our cracked,

Stinging, mineral backs:

The unfurling a second birth;

The wet sand spotted with shells our delivery blanket,


Our new father the simple weight of breeze on our shoulders.


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