Chosen, Holy, and Dearly Loved

Jason Gray’s comments preceding his song “I Am New” at the Community Coffeehouse resonated so much with what was on my heart I transcribed it:

“We do really well with the difficult scriptures which tell us we are sinner saved by Grace, with hearts deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.  And we need to reckon  with those, because that’s true, and those are the verses that God uses to reveal our sin, our need for Christ, our need to be saved.

But once they do their work, once Jesus saves us, we stay camped out here often, staying in the shame and guilt, [or what becomes] shame and guilt.

But Jesus moves on to a new work- after salvation he begins a new work called sanctification, and when He is doing that work He has new things to say about us, new words- things that are even more difficult: that because of Christ we are now chosen, holyand dearly loved– not that we are going to be holy- but somehow, right now, we are holy, and without blemish, and free of accusation.

And then the most mystifying of all: that because of Christ, we become the righteousness of God.

And I don’t believe it when I look in the mirror.  But it’s right there, in God’s Word.  And I wonder if part of becoming new begins with believing and trusting what the Lord has to say about us.”

Thus my prayer:

Help me trust, O Lord, in what you see.  Shame and guilt have been such a large part of my life, that despite Your promises, despite the robe held out by you O Loving Father to this prodigal son, I’m still used to these rags I wear, and am even still rehearsing my speech of contrition while You call for a feast in celebration of my return.

I’ll admit it- shame is easier sometimes than surrendering to Your will.  I squirm sometimes even when close friends and acquanitences give me compliments, and here You are the Almighty saying I am Your own, forever.  That I am cherished, and loved.  Dearly loved.

What to do with such knowledge?

Then I hear the whisper of the Spirit, asking me to be the hands and feet of thee:

“Tell others the same.”

Hello, reader.

Hello sister.

Hello brother.

Hello, friend

You too.

are chosen

are holy

are dearly loved.

Just passing it along.



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