About Greg Pyne

10733459_10152779092968836_944080311795301465_o (1)

See the little guy on the lower right?  That’s me.  No, just kidding- I’m the rather goofy-looking bearded guy with the hat and glasses, w/ my son Rowan (also in hat), wife Erin, and twins Corin and Brennan.

I’m grateful you’ve stopped by to visit.

We’re all on a journey in this life, hence the name of the blog, which is a play on my last name and pulling a bit from Tolkien’s quote “Not all who wander are lost.”  Our wandering in this life is not without root, however, as each path we go down is a challenge or a grace laid down by God, who longs for us to be reconciled to Him and the larger Story He is telling.


4 thoughts on “About Greg Pyne

  1. Thank you so much for the add…and your website looks fascinating! I visited the St Augustine Abbey in Canterbury last week….have yet to post on it…and it was quite an experience viewing the ruins of that ancient abbey.

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