A Rustle in the Long Dead Wood

I’ve just deleted the “Farewell” post which had announced the end of Wandering Tree, because I find myself lured back to these woods, and looking upon them with fresh eyes.  ‘Tis the season of Advent, of Christmas.  Another celebration of the Incarnation.  So I should not be surprised, perhaps, that I sense new life is announced in a season of decay and neglect.  This forest blog, which lay dormant for many months, needs feet to crush its dead leaves and crunch through its snow, for there is still, and always has been, a Star in the sky pointing the way o’er the next hill, and in those cool, frosty mornings, beyond the mist and fog.

I’m not sure what brings me back.  I’m sure of Who.  I hope you’ll be here to explore with me.


New Digs

If you’ve just come across this site, welcome! It actually wasn’t too long ago that I stumbled on this site as well. Previously I had a blog on Blogger called “View from the Pyne.” I let that blog fester and rot a bit before deleting it completely, and being a firm believer in fresh starts, created this blog. To be honest, the whole concept of having an “online” presence gives me pause. At 33, it seems it should be a given that I would be comfortable being “uploaded into the system,” a la Matrix, as it were, but I’m not particularly fond of it. A few reasons could explain this:

1.) I’m semi-computer illiterate. I still lug around a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop, and I could honestly argue, given my lack of knowledge on new programs and systems, that “it’s not me, it’s my processing speed!” However, I would have to readily admit that…

2.) I’m incredibly lazy and have the attention span of a caffeinated cricket. Blogs take time, care, structure, and organization, and by the name of poor St. Benedict, I am a horrible manager of all four concepts.

3.) Spiritually, philosophically and psychologically, I have enough ideas swirling around my head about “The Other” to make the creation of a representative perspective of myself an issue. Existentially speaking, isn’t it odd, scary and wonderful that we can technologically create the voice AND the wilderness it cries into?

4.) I’m a teacher. While some may shrug, it’s actually a professional issue to have a presence on the web, given that anything I write could be seen by a student or parent.

So why write a blog? Well, partly a kick in the pants to get my nose out of the books and start interacting, perhaps. Or just an organizational tool to keep my thoughts structured. Perhaps I’ll just let the mystery of the reason unfold, as it usually does in these cases. One thing I do want to post are thoughts from a recent retreat at New Melleray Abbey in Peosta, IA, so be on the look out for that…

Happy reading, come back again soon!